Friday, 20 February 2015


I have some amazing google tricks guys. i m  definitely sure that you should also find these interesting ...

(1.)  GOOGLE GRAVITY  :--   Just type GOOGLE GRAVITY in your google search box but don't enter ... see the suggestions.
 from these suggestions click on i 'm feeling lucky  which appears on the right side of the  

''Google gravity'' suggestion..

  • google gravity
  • google gravity underwater
  • google gravity tricks

  • like this...

    after this u will find that every option on your screen will fall down  like :--  search box.., Google e.t.c.
    at this time you are able to search things by finding the search box..but the things you are going to search will also fall down.

    (2.)  BARREL ROLL  :--   Just type " do a barrel roll " in your search box and enter. 

    (3) ZERG RUSH : --.  Type    "ZERG RUSH " in your search box press enter and wait for few seconds .

    (4.)  GOOGLE SPHERE  :-- Type GOOGLE SPHERE in your search box and do the same process as you have done in GOOGLE GRAVITY...

    i hope you will enjoy guys... :)

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